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Eyre Peninsula

Haslam Free Camping

We are currently at a "freecamp" between Smoky and Streaky Bays ($5 per night) - fantastic spot and are catching heaps of fish, squid and our friends are getting the occasional crab from the jetty. There are quite a few travellers stopping here and it's a beautiful spot. We made a campfire out of the drum from an old tumble dryer and this is working really great. We take an occasional trip into Streaky Bay for supplies and will go again tomorrow - weather is blowing up today. Will post photos next entry.

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South West WA


Hi All,

Currently in Manjimup and heading east towards Walpole (sorry we missed you KB - hope all is well). We are liking the SW corner of WA and it's certainly a lot cooler than the Kimberly. Had some great drives through the forest regions and the school holiday crowds have all but gone. We stayed a couple of days in Busselton and thought this was a great little town - checked out some second-hand shops and op shops in search of an old kettle element for our crab-cooker (now fitted and operational). We are looking forward to checking out Walpole which is set around a great fishing inlet (by reputation) and so we'll see whether we can stock up our now depleted freezer. Photos posted.

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Almost At Perth


We are curently at a little town called Gingin less that 200k north of Perth. The coastal areas have been inundated due to the WA school holidays and a number of places don't allow dogs. Generally we have found the caravan parks here expensive and restrictive (re pets) compared to other states. Along the way we have stayed at Roeburne, Minilya, Carnarvon, Northampton and Port Denison. Tomorrow we plan to bypass Perth and head towards the Margaret River district. Photos will be posted later after we charge the camera!

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On the Coast at Last

The trip from Kununarra to Fitzroy Crossing was the most eventful to date - had to haul on the brakes due to a herd of wild horses (and a foal) across the road - then we took a side road into a rest area and had to drive through a flooded "floodway" to get out - then we drove into a small bushfire which quickly approached the road - went through blinded by smoke and could feel the heat of the flames on our faces - then we were hit by a " whirly-whirly" wind which blew the car and van halfway into the oncoming lane. The trip from Fitzroy Crossing to Broome was a doddle by comparison (but still lots of beautiful Boab trees) and we are now at a park for a few nights to chill out and rest. Next leg will be to Pt Hedland. Broome reminds us a bit of Cairns and a bit of Darwin..and just as hot and humid at this time.

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Kununurra WA

New Photos!

Have set up in Kununarra for a few nights - weather has turned very hot (39) and so we're keeping low. We leave tomorrow to see if we can get to Fitzroy Crossing in a day - but it's a fair haul of 640k. Kununarra is quite a large town and has got good services. We're staying out by a small lake. The drive across from Katherine was good - some great scenery around Victoria river in particular. See new photos.

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